Who Am I?

I often ask myself, who am I? I’m a brother, I’m a friend, I’m somebodies’ child but I’m an adult. I’ve been high and I’ve been low, I’ve seen a lot but nowhere near enough. I’m the victim and the victor, the beauty in the beast and the uglier side of me. I mastered words but still don’t know how to use the power for good. I’ve looked everywhere to find out just who I am and I’m still searching for the man in the mirror. The search will never end but once I find myself, I lose all reason to be who I am, a writer.


#buildadream #changetheworld


11 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I like my poetry to rhyme too. It seems to me the purpose because as writers and wordsmiths we can always chose a word that says the same thing and connect it to what we change, rearrange, pare down, frown upon, laugh at, craft that, and unite in the invite of singing syntaxed destiny … bringing grin-maxed rest to me so I will sleep in peace, not weep in defeat. That sums up fun and rhyme this time for me. Do you see? I hope you like humor… sooner rather than later.

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