Walk Like A Man

It feels like my whole life
I’ve been told how to walk like a man
Follow my father’s plan
Watching him hold my mother hand
Go to school, find a wife
Pay your tax on time, the easy life
Born to live this mediocrity
Whilst they tell me to speak properly
They don’t want to hear slang like this
Close their eyes, cure their blindness
Brainwashed to accept this is me
Because they want to imprison me
Set me free, lets fight for us
Cause we get drunk and we fight us
No love because everybody told us
This is the plan that we have to adopt
So, to walk like a man, I’m walking off.

Write Another

My best friend, he loves a drink
Oh how it must be a lovely thing
To forget how it feels to think
But with every sip by a toxic alcoholic
I sit and I look across the table at him
And write another poem with alcohol in

My ex, loves a male’s attention
I wish I could feel all of her affection
Instead I live on, in her rejection
A shadow of the life, she exited
As I sit in despair, with the thought of her
And write another poem as lonely occurs

My best friend, dissects the weekend
Nothing provocative or mildly interesting
And I try my best to appear interested
But mostly I sit in the corner depressed
Debating with myself, with no one to test
And write another poem about missed connections

My ex, is out seeking her next love
As I watch on, secretly in disgust
Trying to repent from the dark side of lust
Trying to forgive the past for my trust
As I try and shake the thought of us
And write another poem about the unjust

My pen likes to repeat itself
I have a wealth of information to help
But I can’t shake the burden of hell
As I continue to delve into whisky and girls
And I write another poem, about how I felt
When I wasn’t trying to write as well


We Went To War

I never realised it wasn’t a game
Until she whispered I had won
Scars run deep from the battles lost
Scenes destroyed with what we’d done

We both knew this day was near
We both knew we’d end up broken
As we held our voices in our throats
The pressure tripped an explosion

The burgeoning empire we destroyed
This battlefield created desolation
Back where the grass grew green
Before an eruption tore more than relations

Now wars past and the cities rebuilt
Look at all we have to show for
Infrastructure and chiselled memories
Of a time when we once went to war


Do you have a favourite colour?

I have several, or none, I discovered


Red, is the love, the passion I hold

A hopeless romantic in everything I wrote

With a slight hint of danger integrated

Or could it purely be football related?


White, is the hope I don’t rely on much

I’m not the purest of souls to judge

I’m not sure what makes it a favourite

Maybe it’s half the colours of my nation?


Black, represents that darkness I lived

That hardship, I was forced to exist in

The death of innocence, the power attained

Or maybe the points in snooker relate?


I don’t really have a colour preference

But I have tricolour that I love to reference



We lie undercovers
And hope the truth isn’t uncovered
Whilst we agree over the scent of fresh sheets
Your fiancé would be shocked to see
You dirty these bed sheets with me
My girlfriend would scream and shriek
If she saw you with me,

Let me send this text,
Then I’ll get back to pleasing you right
Before you look up at the spark in my eye
Tease me baby, stroke my ego
Enough to break her heart with a lethal dose
We love them both, but lust controls
Were suffocated, but you love to choke
Choke you out, throw you around
Hold it in your mouth then I’ll throw you out
Kiss me, goodbye, kiss them, Hi
Back to the reality of a normal life
Trying to shrug of the guilt of last night
Who does the cuckold life satisfy?


True Colours

Thoughts circling my mind
The only colour on this page is white
The grass is always greener
My side has a grey and black demeanour
I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Nobody I knew was born with a silver spoon
Golden opportunities aren’t handed to you
Trapped in the red what are you going to do?
With bank accounts emptied, green with envy
Caught red handed we don’t seem as friendly
You can keep on your rose tinted spectacles
Tickle yourself pink, at this working spectacle
This is a work in progress, save your protests
Judge me on the blue ink when my pen rests
Because our true colours, you can never compete with
We see red, we tell white lies, and we aren’t complete
So let me bring the colour to a grey area
We’re black sheep and you’re not fair on us



There’s a thief who lives inside of me
He used to try and get a bike for free
Now he’s out stealing all my dreams

He wasn’t interested in stealing your heart
So, put it all on me, for tearing us apart
But he stole all the time, I allowed to pass

He never wanted an ounce of my time
But he took the passion out of the rhyme
And made it a little more difficult to write

He stuck his fingers into my pocket
Helped himself to my self-esteem and lost it
As I silently swore my revenge upon him

There’s a thief who lives in side of me
Who took everything I aspire to be
But losing everything, inspired me