I’ve learned, liars rarely tell the truth
The only truth, is the truth is usually loose
Cheaters, never play fair and break rules
Heartbreakers, break hearts and make us fools

I’ve learned love is a beautiful concept
A hateful reality and a vengeful consequence
Infidelity is a state of a lover’s discontent
And love is rape with consent

I’ve learned, the first leads to second chances
We never grow, we just attend better parties
All my best friends for life, soon departed
And there isn’t much between fortune and hardship

I’ve learned, second place is never the best
But setting the standard to high, alienates the rest
Intelligence can’t be defined by a test
Despite what it says, religion is not your friend

I’ve learned, loyalty is never returned
Treat her like royalty, watch your empire burn
Money talks, sex sells, the language of earth
Now my ex is selling talking money, just to be heard

Painted Smile

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I don’t need company for my misery
Sometimes, I want to be left alone
And travel the world within headphones

I tried to break through these four walls
As echoes vibrate the floor boards
As I taste the sweetness of freedom
As words form on the page you read from

I don’t paint pictures for all to see
Instead, I hang drawings on the wall for me
Manic ramblings of a sane lunatic
As confusion reigns over a playlist

The peace breaks my silence
As the air, around me fills with sirens
Drunk of a cocktail of sex and violence
As we slave under a threat from tyrants

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I paint pictures of a wretched reality
As I laugh along with the humourless
And wrestle with the morals of fugitives


I’m The Man

It’s hard to admit, I lost the fight
Tried to knock out the dints in my dented pride
Chasing women, misbehaving and sinning
Nobody taught me how to discuss my feelings
So, I grunt out loud, expect you to understand
And bow at the feet of what you call a man
Whilst I sip beer and never shed a tear
Not being the man, is the only thing I fear
Grown men don’t cry, hold shoulders high
You can’t be a gentle man and the tough guy
So, I push out my chest, overdo the reps
Hang a few too many weights on the bar I press
Ignore my legs, all I need is upper body strength
Perform eight more reps then grunt out loud again
Then hit the bar, until I fall and hit the bar
And aim my aggression at all those that laugh
Then grab her arse, who said I needed to ask?
I’m the man, she should be grateful she got the chance
Because I’m the man, right?



(They Said)

Look at you, single still
Go out, mingle, if you will
Find a wife, it’s about time
Settle down, raise a child
Move out, get a mortgage
Move on, it’s not important
What do you want then?
Chase dreams? dreams end
This here, is the real world
Live here, we’ve all excelled

(I snapped)

This is hell, we should be expelled
Live here, you were born to fail
Wake up, is this your world?
Stalking shadows never ended well
So, let the pied piper play
We don’t care for what you’ll say
We lead our way, we are today
We don’t want to go outside, tonight
We want to stay right here, and fly.



Our cubicle was a stage,
We took a 9 to 5 on the road.

Keyboards clattered as we played,
and dreamed the dream of old.

We sang the songs of our youth,
before we grew too quick to live.

Rejected lies buried in the truth,
as we rocked the roof off a gig.

Signing autographs, autonomous rock stars
discovering what life really meant.

We sung our hearts in the name of art
behind a guitar, instead of a desk

Last night, I dared to dream,
before I rolled over and hit snooze.

Trying to recapture the moment again,
when the dream was still ours to choose.