Kangaroo Court

Brush the dust of my shirt and tie
Swear an oath to a perverted lie
Raise me up, put me down
Arraign me, for the loss you found
Recite your evidence to the crown
As the jester laughs with clowns
Entertain the crowd, public execution
As cheers filter through the pollution
We the kangaroos, find him guilty
An innocent man, synthetic committee
I did what you were to brave to do
Hang me for I am nothing like you

Have Not

They dance in darkness, poke fun at the workers,
Who polish their floors and shine their shoes,
For whom without, there would be no circus
Just doom and gloom in the invisible ink
Sung to the melody of an unelected elite
Champagne flutes chime as laughter cries
As the God of a people reveals no after life
Chasing the shadows loitering over heads
To catch ghosts within a slow and painful death
Work until we’re dead to live, the irony
Eat like kings in slums we’re set to expire in
Idolise thieves because we want what you’ve got
Demonise kings for what they have, we have not

Divide and Conquer

I hear voices echo around me
Hatred spewed from venomous fountains
We speak ill of the people we know
I’m amazed by the extent of human growth

How many people must die by the gun?
Our only choice is whether to fight or run
But we were never asked who we’d like to be
So what’s the real reason you don’t like me?

As half the world starves and fades to black
We overdose, over indulged, raise a flag
Wage war, praise the lord, berate the poor
Celebrate and hand awards as fans applaud

We live in a system bred out of division
Over populated prisons, victims and villains
As we christen evil in the name of religion
Doctrines and teachings and all the misgivings

For all the talk of democracy, a free press
There’s destabilised regions, we’ve failed to address
They don’t want us standing together, stronger
That’s why they stand together to divide and conquer