A Poet Is Born

I love writing, the freedom it encompasses
an outlet for anger, the emotions it manages
the depression it overcomes, the smile it provides
the priceless gift, as the anguish subsides

I hate writing, the stress it emphasises
the anger raging on, the emotion I fight with
the depression sets, smiles become rare
the endless curse, and the joy hidden there

A full mind hidden in an empty page
a pen driven to extinction by an endless gaze
finding sentences to match, lost in search
lost time filled with fulfilment, found in words

Words come together, a sentence forms
a sentence turns into a statement formed
as love nurtures, a statements growth
and a poet is born as the poetry evolves

How to Write

Step one, experience pain
Go through something words can’t explain
Cry, dry your eyes, and then cry a little more
Broken stories, allow a pen to scribble yours

Step two, hide it
Under a mattress, in a wardrobe, somewhere they won't find it
Deny it, like you deny the way you feel inside
Hide the words that flow like rivers from your eyes

Step three, reveal yourself
Tell the world how much you want to kill yourself
Let the pain flow, with every word you wrote
Expose every emotion by placing out there for show

Step four, get rejected
Nothing to show for the years of pain ingested
But keep going pushing on regardless
Document everything as you experience hardship

Step five, let the words bring alive your life
Let the pen give you strength and with all your mite
Write the words that dry the eyes of those who cry
Let your emotion change there's, and that's how you write

Empty Page

I’ve felt the cut from broken love
kept warm with frozen blood
shut off, refused to open-up
but nothing ever hurt as much
as an empty page.

I’ve been kicked and hit
rejected and labelled a misfit
nobody around to kick it with
but loneliness didn’t exist
until an empty page.

I couldn’t feel my heart beat
try and feel the pulse on my sleeve
woeful, how hard it must be to be me
until I painted colour onto this sheet
and filled the page.