It was me and you, we were seventeen

Rolling cigarettes with endless dreams

Drinking vodka straight out the bottle

Friends confusing your house with a brothel

In and out of hostels, sore tonsils

What do you expect when you make us role models?

Me and my friends spent our childhood spitting

But all we really want you to do was swallow

We spent the whole summer sinning

Living for today, not so sure of tomorrow

We were young and reckless, living life

It was fun and hectic, until I got arrested

Apparently kicking your front door in, wasn’t right

We might have fallen out of contact these days

But my opinion of your dad hasn’t changed

And if we could, I’d do it all over again

I’d still take up your offer to break into your place

To be young and free in that abandoned home

Surrounded by girls abandoned by hope

That was the summer of the noughties

The nineties babies, getting hot and naughty

We were living the dream, sinning and freedom

Singing to breathe, drinking and threesomes

You said we were never meant to be

But living outside of destiny was best for me

When we were seventeen.





Something for Nothing

We were twenty something, plenty of fucking
not giving a fuck, living it up, it was never enough
so, we severed the trust, to better the lust
forever in love with all this hate we must have mustered up
we fucked it up, but we were too young to suffer
but old enough to know, we were the dumb ones
who loved each other, a little too much,
apologies to our mothers for multiple lovers
we all want to be in love, until somebody fucks us
and when your twenty something, you realise there’s nothing
that can better dry humping, instead of actual fucking
no rubbers interrupting, STDs and pregnancies
living in fear of irregularities, once a month,
fuck for love, love for lust, lust to lost to stuck
to twenty something and committed to something
for nothing.




It was all an adventure.

one that never seemed to end

We were the young, adventurous

never thought we’d see the end

We were kids, a moment ago

the adults you’ve come to know

Although the seeds have grown

we don’t know what direction to go

We still screw up and it’s costlier now

the question is, what does it cost me now?