War and Possibility

We can build more nuclear warheads
But foul language is banned before watershed
Water cannon called for use on rampaging citizens
But the politicians are forgiven for illicit misgivings
War crimes ignored, whilst we imprison the poor
Democracy, we support, but capitalism has tilted it towards
Corporations, whilst education costs an arm and a leg
Good luck, trying to get it fixed on the NHS
Because we can fund wars to terrorise millions
But we can’t heal the sick, rotting in squalid conditions
Bonuses for bankers, whist we lay off the desperate
And wonder why so many turn to crime amidst this cesspit
I’m screaming out for peace, but my dreams written off
Ripping at the seams, trying to see scenes different from
The headlines we read, all I see is death and hate
Tell me what you need to make this a better place
Someone told me, war is inevitable, peace isn’t profitable
What do you need us to do, to make it possible?


I had an addiction to tobacco smoke
Breathed in the fire that made me choke
As I robbed myself of the youthful glow
Before I had a chance to let it grow old

I drowned in a bottle of ‘water of life’
Educated by alcoholics who taught us right
Stumbling home, wandering alone at night
Trying not to let demons inside take flight

I lost myself in copious pornography
Drowned in the art of elicit photography
Made myself believe, women were my property
And they never wanted me to treat them properly

But you made me want to pick up another vice
Because theirs fun and then theirs everything nice
There’s sugar and spice, but it’s nothing on bitter and spite
Don’t make me apologise for those things you despise


Walk Like A Man

It feels like my whole life
I’ve been told how to walk like a man
Follow my father’s plan
Watching him hold my mother hand
Go to school, find a wife
Pay your tax on time, the easy life
Born to live this mediocrity
Whilst they tell me to speak properly
They don’t want to hear slang like this
Close their eyes, cure their blindness
Brainwashed to accept this is me
Because they want to imprison me
Set me free, lets fight for us
Cause we get drunk and we fight us
No love because everybody told us
This is the plan that we have to adopt
So, to walk like a man, I’m walking off.

True Colours

Thoughts circling my mind
The only colour on this page is white
The grass is always greener
My side has a grey and black demeanour
I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Nobody I knew was born with a silver spoon
Golden opportunities aren’t handed to you
Trapped in the red what are you going to do?
With bank accounts emptied, green with envy
Caught red handed we don’t seem as friendly
You can keep on your rose tinted spectacles
Tickle yourself pink, at this working spectacle
This is a work in progress, save your protests
Judge me on the blue ink when my pen rests
Because our true colours, you can never compete with
We see red, we tell white lies, and we aren’t complete
So let me bring the colour to a grey area
We’re black sheep and you’re not fair on us


Take Us Back

If one kiss could take us back
As the stage we play, fades to black
If we could stop the clock, defy the physics
Would we pause and rethink those decisions?
Would we listen, would we open our minds
Open our hearts and attain more from life?

Or would we stick by those regrets we made
As we sit under clouds, and let it rain
Would we change a thing, if we could repeat it?
Or are we foolish enough to reiterate it
If we were given a chance to correct our past
Would we prove we were just like us from the start?

Redefining Luxury

This jacket cost a day’s wage
But damn it looks great
Hunger pains, it won’t last thunder and rain
But man, it suits their taste

I don’t need the necessities
I’ll get by without gas and electricity
It’s a must this lust for luxury
Just to show you, theirs a better me

Dressed to impress a stranger’s eyes
My friends have seen the mess I hide
The lengths I strive, for those I dislike
Maybe it’s time, for luxury to be redefined

Speak My Mind

You have the right to remain silent
  I have the right to speak my mind

  Read me my rights, anything I say
  Can and will be used to intimidate
  And discriminate against twisted hate

Do you understand? Nod if you agree
We can lower the sentence for a plea?
For a fee, we can get you off completely

All you need to do, is close your eyes
Don’t have your say in the publics light

Anything you say we’ll take to court
Throw you in front of a judge’s applause
Keep the opinions, keep them yours

Keep the truth, we seek ignorance here
Its blissfully clear, if it’s prison you fear

Speak your mind as these handcuffs close
We gave you the chance, reap what you sow

You had the right to remain silent,
you should have obliged, read him his rights
  for speaking my mind