Why Me?

Family gathered around her side
For months on end we watched her die
Why me?

For years on end, I lived a violent struggle
Fighting back with nothing but a silent mumble
Why me?

Every day I dreamed a dream of the end
It took years for me to rest in peace again
Why me?

I thought I found the world within a girl
Struggling to believe from the moment I fell
Why me?

Slowly pushed her away I never did believe
All anyone could ever need was me
Why me?

Now the I stand on the edge of the earth
Trying to take your breath with my words
Try me


There’s a thief who lives inside of me
He used to try and get a bike for free
Now he’s out stealing all my dreams

He wasn’t interested in stealing your heart
So, put it all on me, for tearing us apart
But he stole all the time, I allowed to pass

He never wanted an ounce of my time
But he took the passion out of the rhyme
And made it a little more difficult to write

He stuck his fingers into my pocket
Helped himself to my self-esteem and lost it
As I silently swore my revenge upon him

There’s a thief who lives in side of me
Who took everything I aspire to be
But losing everything, inspired me


Painted Smile

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I don’t need company for my misery
Sometimes, I just want to be left alone
And travel the world within headphones

I tried to break through these four walls
As echoes vibrate the floor boards
As I get the sweetest taste of freedom
As words form on the page you read from

I don’t paint pictures for all to see
I hang drawings on the wall for me
Manic ramblings of a sane lunatic
As confusion reigns over a playlist

The peace breaks my silence
As the air, around me fills with sirens
Drunk of a cocktail of sex and violence
As we slave of the threat of tyrants

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I paint pictures of a wretched reality
As I laugh along with the humourless
And wrestle with the morals of fugitives


Let Me Be

Oh, how I wish to be free
To see my demons released
Not unleashed
Just leave, to let me be

Oh, how I’d love to sleep
Close my eyes and rest peacefully
Not completely
Just enough to let me be

Oh, how I want to eat
Everything placed in front of me
Not for greed
Just comfort me and let me be

Oh, If only I could leave
Step outside and breathe
Not deeply
Just enough to feel the breeze
Let me be

One Little Drink

I chased your reflection in this glass 
Found you in a rundown bar after dark
So, I raised a glass to the future,
All, in an attempt, to drown out the past
Another promise, I knew couldn’t last
Convince myself I’m not drinking you away
If my wish came true, you would stay
Would I be falling apart, waking up dazed?
Wasting my days, trying to take you away

Don’t look past all the weight I gained
And don’t ignore all those things I’d say
The tequila fades into the thinking faze
Depression sinks in, relive all the drinks,
You paid with time spent, a wasted day
Wasting a week, to drink and escape
Raise a glass, to making it past the pain
Lies, as you tell yourself you love the taste
It’s bitter hate in the sweetness you’ve claimed

Live the champagne lifestyle, this is your stage
Your hearts aches, the script turns pages
You made it this far, it’s too late to change
Who said, ‘one little drink never hurt anyone’
Waiting on answers, you know will never come
I can see clearly through these forgotten years
I don’t need you and I don’t want this beer


It Never Occurred to Me

It never occurred to me
Whilst I hated her for hurting me
She was moving on

All I ever did was hold a grudge
I never really learnt how to love
Where has it gone?

Though the years of bitterness
Over the tears I witnessed
I lost my life

I should have been moving on
Instead I commit to wrong
Stealing the night

I etched their names into my skin
I swore my revenge with bitter sin
I can’t let go

Now look at where we are
I’m the one, who never went so far
Look at what I let go

When I let bitter hate control me
Alcohol consoled the old me
A new me
It never occurred to me