I Don’t Want To Fight, Anymore

I don’t want to fight anymore
I’m trying to put my pieces back, not bury yours
Hoping the scar heals, where your knife was
Nobody tells you love means having to fight wars

Still you dig into my spine
I understand how you felt in the middle of the night
If it was a case of lust or love, but a hateful fuck
As the trust turns to dust, and love begins to rust

Honestly, I lied when I wished you luck
Exaggerated, when I said I never missed you much
You can tell everyone how I hit you once
I’m keeping quiet over every little thing you done

I don’t want to fight anymore
Let me heal the wounds and I’ll remember yours
They say love hurts and when it breaks its worse
So, I’ll lay down my weapons, if you lay yours down first


We Went To War

I never realised it wasn’t a game
Until she whispered I had won
Scars run deep from the battles lost
Scenes destroyed with what we’d done

We both knew this day was near
We both knew we’d end up broken
As we held our voices in our throats
The pressure tripped an explosion

The burgeoning empire we destroyed
This battlefield created desolation
Back where the grass grew green
Before an eruption tore more than relations

Now wars past and the cities rebuilt
Look at all we have to show for
Infrastructure and chiselled memories
Of a time when we once went to war


We lie undercovers
And hope the truth isn’t uncovered
Whilst we agree over the scent of fresh sheets
Your fiancé would be shocked to see
You dirty these bed sheets with me
My girlfriend would scream and shriek
If she saw you with me,

Let me send this text,
Then I’ll get back to pleasing you right
Before you look up at the spark in my eye
Tease me baby, stroke my ego
Enough to break her heart with a lethal dose
We love them both, but lust controls
Were suffocated, but you love to choke
Choke you out, throw you around
Hold it in your mouth then I’ll throw you out
Kiss me, goodbye, kiss them, Hi
Back to the reality of a normal life
Trying to shrug of the guilt of last night
Who does the cuckold life satisfy?


The Houses in Between

We could be living together
the girl next door, could have been mine
if we weren’t living apart
if miles never kept us stretched so wide
but if true love conquers all
why did we lose the fight?

The distance in between
stretched you from my heart
we dreamed a dream of schemes
but the love in the letters, wouldn’t last
if it wasn’t for the houses in between
we could have built that house of ours


She Didn’t Know

When I referred to her as the love of my life
I genuinely believe it was not another lie
Confessions but so far from cleansing a soul
Revelations, in hindsight I bet she wished and hoped
She didn’t know

She thought she knew me completely
What turned me on but the truth is uneasy
That unopened closet must be so hard to stomach
Now I’m trying to find a way to bring her comfort
She didn’t know

A little too late, but I promised my honesty
Ask me anything, I’ll answer you properly
It was never my intention to bare facedly deceive
If you doubt anything, I hope that’s the part you believe
I’m sorry, you didn’t know

I never should have lied to you at all
I know it was never right to let you fall
I hid my skeletons and abused your trust 
Trying to barricade that closet door shut
So, you wouldn’t know

I came clean and revealed a part of me
Thinking honesty would kick start our heart beat
I thought we could start fresh with the truth
How was I to know you’d never accept what you knew?
I didn’t know


Premeditated Murder

I’m a criminal, I broke the law
I’m a sinner, my head hits the floor
I left her laying there, dead to the world
The night of her life, left her in a living hell
My deceitful lies bled like tears from her eyes
When she saw the truth behind my ugly disguise

I play the gentleman as I break hearts
Scratch numbers into my bedpost, let the counting start
She thanks me for building her broken confidence
Smiles at every premeditated compliment
As she stares point blank down the barrel
And every insecurity she has, starts to unravel

I’m a monster as I abuse her beauty
And use her loyalty to convince her she can’t lose me
Agree to every one of her future plans
As she tells everyone, she’s found a man
Convinced I’m the one who’ll stick by her
Make her believe that I’m not another liar

The truth is I only ever planned to hurt her
And find a way to get away with premeditated murder


Rest In Peace

Tributes lined my timeline
It served to remind, in life we die
And one day I might wake to find
You didn’t find your way out of tonight
I might not get the chance to reply
To the numerous times, you messaged me like
Hi, I hope you’re alright?

So, I’d like to say, I’m fine today
And it doesn’t seem likely to change
Moods fluctuate and as down as I may
I manage to awake with a smile on my face
Forgive the pain, it’s been whisked away
I wish I could stay, tell you all about my day
But that’s all I can to say

If we don’t get the chance to speak
I’m sorry, we never could agree
I wish we had a chance to repeat
Every chance we seemed to contravene
To rebuild the friendship we turned weak
When we decided to fall in love so deep
But I hope we can rest in peace