All But One

You’re only as good as your last.
That means
Every promise, broken.
Every lie, hidden
Every moment, lost
Every memory, once ripe,
Now rotten.
Every step forward
Is a glance at history
Every lesson, never learnt
Every mistake
Every addiction
Every girl
Every friend
Every girlfriend
All lost to the fog that blinds
The path.
Direction. Lovers.
Gone. All.
but one.

Heart of Stone

I don’t give thanks enough
As if, I need a reason to love
Chase demons, named them lust
A cheesy smile as I wish them luck
But I don’t need a reason to fuck

I don’t say the things I should do
And even if I did, I’d probably lose
Because I won’t do, what I could for you
I’d just keep a close eye or two
And defend the trust, I’m not due

I don’t admit I’m wrong
I zone out with a stereo on
I can only be reached through song
Weight on these shoulders made me strong
Bricks may crumble but stones roll on

I don’t miss you enough
Even when I miss you, it’s tough
You’re the demon I labelled lust
You never gave me a reason to love
This heart of stone, still too cold to touch


Are You Sure?

What do you want me to say?
I love you.

Do you love me?
Do you love me enough?
Enough to forget the past.

Do you love the man standing in front of you?
Do you love the man I see in the mirror?
An abusive alcoholic.

Do you love my broken heart?
Obsessive. Controlling. Manipulative.
Stuck in my ways with no desire to change.

Are you sure you want me,
to tell you
I love you,

Just Like Me

How could you lie to me
and sit there silently
after striking your hands
against your love so violently
and just lie here with me

hate drives you crazy in bed
turnover and hate me again
when did I fall for a slut
why does every time I cum
it feels like I’m giving up

what did we do to get here
can we love without fear
who do we compete with
there just the reasons we need
to feel completed

how did we last this long
how did the weak foundations
manage to stand here strong
how did something this wrong
go on for so long

we should let it be
each week, we’re begging to leave
cut our nose off to spite our face
that’s how we forget to breathe
you’re just like me

tit for tat with tricky tactics
who’s got your back when
ratchets are out to attack it
when i gave into a mad bitch
that’s as bad as me


I Broke Her Heart

I broke her heart
and you called me the devil
left her begging for help with pebbles
but I was up and gone
as I ripped up the roots of her petals

She broke my heart
and you still smile at an angel
curse at me because she was unfaithful
when she was playing behind my back
Was I supposed to be grateful?


Hold Me Down

Hold me down
as you take my breath away
Hold my hand
make freedom hard to contemplate
Hold my heart
as it beats to the rhythm of your love
as you hold my life
in the palm of your hand,
waiting for it to erupt.

What is love, intertwined with suffering?
We meant every fight as every sweet nothing
We whispered, when we were falling fast
We slowed down, but couldn’t talk it out
We were the fools, who couldn’t co-exist
The memories in the box, you can keep it
As I set fire to every mental photograph
Let us cry now, when we look back we’ll laugh
As we reminisce about the distant past
When you and I were hardly apart
Remember when, we’d scream and shout?
And what was all that crying about?
We were young then, love was a breeze
Now aged and bitter sweet, falling isn’t easy


Inside and Out

Hello beautiful,
She cringes, attacks me for thinking this
But I think you’re stunning, picturesque
I love the way your smile stretches,
You can’t see me smile in these messages
On the surface, your bodies perfect
But the word you earned, you curse it
But it’s not about your exterior, is it?
Or your ability to apply that finish
Painting pictures with different lipsticks
Colouring over the pain you’ve lived with
Cruel words shot at you, a potent dart
All you have to show for it, is a broken heart
When cupids shooting poisoned arrows
Continue to shine, it’s never left you shallow
You’ve got the gift of a beautiful heart
You’ve got the words that shoot for the stars
You have a mind that most can only hope for
The devil holds more, but the soul is yours
Don’t let the blind tie you down
Because you’re beautiful, both inside and out.