All But One

You’re only as good as your last.
That means
Every promise, broken.
Every lie, hidden
Every moment, lost
Every memory, once ripe,
Now rotten.
Every step forward
Is a glance at history
Every lesson, never learnt
Every mistake
Every addiction
Every girl
Every friend
Every girlfriend
All lost to the fog that blinds
The path.
Direction. Lovers.
Gone. All.
but one.

Best Friend Back

She screams I want my best friend back
I screamed back, I want you to have my back
Not bags packed, walking out when things get mad
If that’s the title you want, earn it back

I pass chances around on a silver platter
But you assess each individual matter
Use it to take whatever you want from me
With no thought for what I might want or need

You can’t say you care like you mean it
Watch me cry, then use it to defeat me
Break me down, take advantage of my weakness
Take all my loyalty, and selfishly keep it

When you said you want a friendship
It was easier to believe you never meant it
For all of the times you cried and begged me
Experience told me you weren’t the friend I need

But stupidly, I believed you, foolish of me
Keep fooling me, take it all from me
Take that dagger you have aimed at my back
I won’t let you have your best friend back

The Houses In Between

We could be living together
the girl next door, could have been mine
if we weren’t living apart
if miles never kept us stretched so wide
but if true love conquers all
how did we lose the fight?

The distance in between
stretched you from my heart
we dreamed a dream of schemes
but the love in the letters, wouldn’t last
if it wasn’t for the houses in between
could we have built that house of ours?


How Wrong Was I?

I wish I could commit to you
But she left me with commitment issues
So, I chose your love to misuse
Because I thought I couldn’t miss you
How wrong was I?

I thought it was meant to be one-night
That I could make last over time
As if I can justify my treatment, like
I don’t know how to treat you right
How wrong was I?

I never could keep my hands off you
Now I see his arm wrapped around you
Watch the difference when he looks at you
All I saw was an object, for me to screw
How wrong was I?

You gave up quick
I guess we all grow tired waiting to commit
I feel like love is rarely worth the risk
But you took a chance on less than perfect
How wrong was I?

The One

I’m the one, she regrets
The one she wishes she could forget
For all the tears, I made her taste
Not once was I as brave.

I’m the one, time forgot
One night when the music stopped
As we danced off into the night  
Awoke and said our goodbyes.

I’m the one, who broke her heart
Lead her on and watched her drift pass
Cry for the man, she falsely believed
When she believed in me.

I’m the one, she won’t accept
The greatest of friends but never the best
Because together isn’t better than apart
When she won’t give me her heart

I’m the one, who needs a second
To tell you I’ve finally learnt my lesson
For all these women, I let live and let die
For all your sins, you’ll never forget mine



I found you
When I lost the god,
everyone seeks.

I heard you
When I’d forgot
which words to speak.

I saw us
With my eyes ripped
from my skull.

Found my grip
When my hands slipped  
and lost all control.

You found me
When I couldn’t climb,
back up those rockslides.

You spoke
At a moment in time,
When I’d lost all fight.

You gave yourself
When I had nothing left
to hold on to.

We have it all,
You’ve given me strength,
and everything to lose.



Everyone’s out, searching for love
Some fall from their branch of lust
Quick to forgive with a broken trust
Thinking clear is something no one does
So, we’re prone to stupid decisions
Hoping she listens, hope he isn’t drinking
This hope we’re given, creating distance
Because nobodies speaking to listen
Just to be heard

No one enjoys the greener grass
In love, you long to be single
Mingling, you wish you weren’t apart
Anything to make time pass, fly past
Waiting on a one-night stand to fix us
Then blame it all on the one we picked up
Stupidly thinking they could fix us
When they’re just like us, scared to love
With a need to be heard