I walked her to the bus she called me a mug
All I did was drop 50 pence in his cup
Maybe he was just a drunk who'd spend it all on drugs
But who am I to judge?

I just spent 10 quid on this pack of cigarettes
It's been two months since I last claimed I quit
I've spent the last few hours getting recklessly pissed
And a hundred wasting life, yet, that’s all I can give

His boots were scuffed, his jacket cut
His scars were evident but his mind was shut
The world wandered by, his life was up
Destiny spoke to him, his time wouldn’t come

Imagine what we’d be without our helpers
If we didn’t get the handouts that helped us
Another human drifts nu searching for shelter
Today he was looking for someone to remember
He was alive

I dropped 50 pence in his cup, she called me a mug
A reminder to him that he was nothing to love
Practically scum, whilst we idolise a famous bunch
We neglect those that are fading in front of us

And you called me the mug.

It Never Occurred To Me

It never occurred to me,
whilst I hated her for hurting me,
she was moving on.

All I ever did was hold a grudge,
I never really learnt how to love,
where has it gone?

Though the years of bitterness,
and the tears I witnessed,
I lost my life.

I should have been moving on,
instead I committed to wrong,
and stole the night.

I etched their names into my skin,
and swore my revenge with bitter sin,
I can’t let go.

Now look at where we are,
I’m the one, who never made it far,
and let her go.

I let bitter hatred control me,
as alcohol consoled the old me,
but it never occurred to me.


Bullets From My Gun

Take aim with a gun
Steady hands as bullets run
A click of a trigger can’t be undone
Unleash hatred, born out of love

Wish you didn’t fall for her eyes
Or bury yourself deep within lies
Soon you’ll realise, war doesn’t hide
The innocent willingly give their life

Was the pleasure, worth the pain?
Savour the bitter taste of her fame
On whose shoulders did she lay the blame
Did she mention them by name?

The subject of your loveless laughs
As you lost each other in romantic bars
Did you see the light in the stolen dark?
Are you to blame for my broken heart?

Am I guilty of a crime I didn’t commit
All I did was love her with all my sins
Was I the angel she couldn’t forgive,
Or was it the devil she missed?

Was it a mistake to fall in love?
Was it your lust or my dreaded disgust?
Has this murder become a part of us?
Are you faster than bullets from a gun?