Girls Night Out

She called it a girl’s night out
And let her golden hair fall down
Black satin dress clinging to her hips
Come and get me boys drawn on her lips

Minimum wage and an uber receipt
Armani handbag, paid for with deceit
Three best friends and dancing moves
With hips that never learnt to sing in tune

He called up the lads, it’s on tonight 
Jet black hair, combed to the side
The black kind with white pin stripes
Left his lack of luck at home with his tie

Overpriced, but he could afford style
She was getting wet at him getting wild
From the fourth round on, the drinks on him
Orange juice, grey goose, and the champagne’s pink

She was lost living up to her celebrity 
Feeling glamorous in her dressed down celibacy
Losing control to music and ecstasy
As she floated in and out of broken memories

She was slurring her damaged speech
And never heard her best friends speak
Warning calls but Romeo ceased to exist
From the moment Juliet got pissed.

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