Best Friend Back

She screams I want my best friend back
I screamed back, I want you to have my back
Not bags packed, walking out when things get mad
If that’s the title you want, earn it back

I pass chances around on a silver platter
But you assess each individual matter
Use it to take whatever you want from me
With no thought for what I might want or need

You can’t say you care like you mean it
Watch me cry, then use it to defeat me
Break me down, take advantage of my weakness
Take all my loyalty, and selfishly keep it

When you said you want a friendship
It was easier to believe you never meant it
For all of the times you cried and begged me
Experience told me you weren’t the friend I need

But stupidly, I believed you, foolish of me
Keep fooling me, take it all from me
Take that dagger you have aimed at my back
I won’t let you have your best friend back

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