One Little Drink

I chased your reflection in a glass 
Found you in a rundown bar after dark
So, I raised a glass to the future,
All, in an attempt, to drown out the past

Convinced myself, I’m not drinking you away
But if my wish came true, you would stay
Would I be falling apart, waking up dazed?
Wasting my days, trying to take you away

Don’t look past all the weight I’ve gained
And don’t ignore all those things I’d say
The tequila fades into the thinking faze
Depression sinks in, I wish you would have stayed

You paid with time spent, a wasted day
Wasting a week, to drink and escape
Raise a glass, to making it past the pain
Lies, as you tell yourself you love the taste

It’s bitter hate in the sweetness you’ve claimed
Your hearts aches, the script turns the page
You made it this far, it’s too late to change
So I savour the taste of set in my ways

Who said, ‘one little drink never hurt anyone’
Waiting on answers, you know will never come
I can see clearly through these forgotten years
I don’t want you, but I still need this beer



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