City Noise

These headphones drown out the city noise
These lyrics can’t help but give me a voice
Melodies hold memories I cherish deeply
And the pen I keep, brings them alive for me

A love affair, it’s a woman singing to me
Numerous art forms combine creatively
Break us down, but rebuild our strength
Coping mechanism found in a wavelength

A part of us, like a relation as such
We relate to the songs that made us love
Made us hate, and unleash all we pent up
Weakness stuck and made us take it up

Now we make it up, we control the music
We set the tone, the next generations influences
We can take arms up over those who harm us
We can promote peace and fight the unjust

Represent the unloved, live for the unlucky
Remember the public, listen to the our words, corruptly
Until you’re screaming, “Please don’t corrupt me
I just want you to love me, now the quality disgusts me

The power is # your words, so it’s in your hands
Take out your pen and take it to the man
Speak for the people, defeating the evil
Until we sleep peacefully with no need for deceitful

You are the voice of a generation, write a lyric
Let your melody speak for everyone to relive it
Don’t get caught up in a publicity ploy
Because it’s your words they hear over that city noise



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