I’m The Man

It’s hard to admit, I lost the fight
Tried to knock out the dints in my dented pride
Chasing women, misbehaving and sinning
Nobody taught me how to discuss my feelings
So, I grunt out loud, expect you to understand
And bow at the feet of what you call a man
Whilst I sip beer and never shed a tear
Not being the man, is the only thing I fear
Grown men don’t cry, hold shoulders high
You can’t be a gentle man and the tough guy
So, I push out my chest, overdo the reps
Hang a few too many weights on the bar I press
Ignore my legs, all I need is upper body strength
Perform eight more reps then grunt out loud again
Then hit the bar, until I fall and hit the bar
And aim my aggression at all those that laugh
Then grab her arse, who said I needed to ask?
I’m the man, she should be grateful she got the chance
Because I’m the man, right?



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