Hold Me Down

Hold me down
as you take my breath away
Hold my hand
make freedom hard to contemplate
Hold my heart
as it beats to the rhythm of your love
as you hold my life
in the palm of your hand,
waiting for it to erupt.

What is love, intertwined with suffering?
We meant every fight as every sweet nothing
We whispered, when we were falling fast
We slowed down, but couldn’t talk it out
We were the fools, who couldn’t co-exist
The memories in the box, you can keep it
As I set fire to every mental photograph
Let us cry now, when we look back we’ll laugh
As we reminisce about the distant past
When you and I were hardly apart
Remember when, we’d scream and shout?
And what was all that crying about?
We were young then, love was a breeze
Now aged and bitter sweet, falling isn’t easy



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