Inside and Out

Hello beautiful,
She cringes, attacks me for thinking this
But I think you’re stunning, picturesque
I love the way your smile stretches,
You can’t see me smile in these messages
On the surface, your bodies perfect
But the word you earned, you curse it
But it’s not about your exterior, is it?
Or your ability to apply that finish
Painting pictures with different lipsticks
Colouring over the pain you’ve lived with
Cruel words shot at you, a potent dart
All you have to show for it, is a broken heart
When cupids shooting poisoned arrows
Continue to shine, it’s never left you shallow
You’ve got the gift of a beautiful heart
You’ve got the words that shoot for the stars
You have a mind that most can only hope for
The devil holds more, but the soul is yours
Don’t let the blind tie you down
Because you’re beautiful, both inside and out.



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