Dirt On Your Knees

She said, I’m not too happy in my relationship
Gave me a sniff, expected me not be invasive
Commitment issues, that makes two of us
But I can’t shake you off, you’ve shook me up
The taste of your lips, took all my patience
How does one-night turn strangers into favourites?
It’s a bit loud in here, let’s slip out for a bit
I’d give anything to be where that cigarette is
One track mind, I’m honestly not that guy
Did I just say that; did you believe that lie?
The guilt and shame concealed in your brain
As you let my ethanol touch, kill the pain
Slap it away, my hands get a head of their selves
Are you looking for comfort or wedding bells?
Because if it’s the latter I doubt I can help
But one night, that’s not all I expect from a girl
That’s not all you’re worth, you’re the earth to me
Why else would I want to get some dirt on your knees

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