Not The Right Night To Try

I gave up whisky, women, and sinning

Gave up meat, turned completely vegan

I finally let go of nicotine’s hold

And cooked dinner for myself at home

Directed all my energy into working hard

And working out, decided to put partying last

Lived for Monday mornings, not Friday nights

The time was right to change my life

Get my January 1st on, 10am on Saturday

Then it’s wet and wild, 10pm every Saturday

Then it’s back to whisky, women, and sinning

Burger king, smoking, and full speed living

Live fast, die young, that’s what we live for

This is my life, you can give up yours

But I’ve tried it all before, to no applause

And for the entire 3 hours, I was bored

I thought I need to change my life

But tonight’s, not the right night to try


3 thoughts on “Not The Right Night To Try

  1. Love it!

    Yeah right!

    It’s good to give up ‘stuff’ for a while. Forever, however, is another chapter.
    That’s the way I like to live: when moderation exaggerates then pull in the reins again.

    When you’re totally convinced about something, as in ‘definutely,’ then go for it.

    Because I am always between ‘full out’ and ‘half throttle,’ I call myself a flexitarian and apply that for most everything else in life too, not just food.

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