It’s the art of attraction
Seduction, hiding our faults
Behind heavily self-built walls.

It’s the first of many kisses
Memories found in words of joy
And two become one at the groin

It’s the first small argument
Over upturned toilet seats
Household chores and bed sheets

It’s a duel to the death
Between two rival factions
Firing blanks in the form of inaction

It’s the last straw, slammed doors
bitter and spite, whisky and ice
and the winner’s the one holding the knife

It’s the art of attraction,
Seduction, hiding our faults
Behind heavily self-built walls.



3 thoughts on “Walls

  1. My god, and I thought I was a cynic. “Heavily self-built walls” – I had rather hoped that I held my heart on my sleeve but you are probably right. It is difficult enough to know ourselves let alone present our true selves to others. I have really been wondering what exactly I am recently. Not necessarily in a physical sense (although science does fascinate me) but in terms of my real feelings and thoughts. Do I really believe in what I say? To my readers? To my family? My wife? Or am I a mere collection of random thoughts produced by a disparate collection of cells.

    I’m really not too sure. But I enjoyed your poem.

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  2. I never understood the whole toilet seat argument women make. I mean, who cares if the seat is up or down? A man has to lean down and lift it, what’s wrong with a woman reaching out and lowering it first?? It takes *gasp* all of one whole second. Two tops. Geez. And… yeah, I know that wasn’t the point. It’s just that argument is, like you alluded, shallow.

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