War and Possibility

We can build more nuclear warheads
But foul language is banned before watershed
Water cannon called for use on rampaging citizens
But the politicians are forgiven for illicit misgivings
War crimes ignored, whilst we imprison the poor
Democracy, we support, but capitalism has tilted it towards
Corporations, whilst education costs an arm and a leg
Good luck, trying to get it fixed on the NHS
Because we can fund wars to terrorise millions
But we can’t heal the sick, rotting in squalid conditions
Bonuses for bankers, whist we lay off the desperate
And wonder why so many turn to crime amidst this cesspit
I’m screaming out for peace, but my dreams written off
Ripping at the seams, trying to see scenes different from
The headlines we read, all I see is death and hate
Tell me what you need to make this a better place
Someone told me, war is inevitable, peace isn’t profitable
What do you need us to do, to make it possible?

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