Write Again

How did it happen?
I use to grab a pen and create images
What happens when the magic diminishes?
When you write but you can’t finish it
When you begin to doubt the title of lyricist

A self-proclaimed master of words
But you can’t string a sentence together
When the pen used to calm roaring weather
Every line wrote, took you on an adventure
Eased the pressure now you can’t reach the letters

You’re stuck in a rut
When you’ve lost your grip, let it slip
Hanging on your thoughts, the fire in your belly
But now your thoughts aren’t worth a penny
How did you let the burden get so heavy?

Let it go
Take a breath and let the tears rain
Take a seat and let the beer drain
Take a notepad, load the pen and take aim
Find the voice deep within and breakaway

Whatever happened, happened
Now it’s time to fight, it’s time to write again
It’s time to bring your ink back to life again
They took your dream, now make nightmares repent
There is no wrong way to make it right again

Just write again

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