Write Another

My best friend, he loves a drink
Oh how it must be a lovely thing
To forget how it feels to think
But with every sip by a toxic alcoholic
I sit and I look across the table at him
And write another poem with alcohol in

My ex, loves a male’s attention
I wish I could feel all of her affection
Instead I live on, in her rejection
A shadow of the life, she exited
As I sit in despair, with the thought of her
And write another poem as lonely occurs

My best friend, dissects the weekend
Nothing provocative or mildly interesting
And I try my best to appear interested
But mostly I sit in the corner depressed
Debating with myself, with no one to test
And write another poem about missed connections

My ex, is out seeking her next love
As I watch on, secretly in disgust
Trying to repent from the dark side of lust
Trying to forgive the past for my trust
As I try and shake the thought of us
And write another poem about the unjust

My pen likes to repeat itself
I have a wealth of information to help
But I can’t shake the burden of hell
As I continue to delve into whisky and girls
And I write another poem, about how I felt
When I wasn’t trying to write as well



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