Rest In Peace

Tributes lined my timeline
It served to remind, in life we die
And one day I might wake to find
You didn’t find your way out of tonight
I might not get the chance to reply
To the numerous times, you messaged me like
Hi, I hope you’re alright?

So, I’d like to say, I’m fine today
And it doesn’t seem likely to change
Moods fluctuate and as down as I may
I manage to awake with a smile on my face
Forgive the pain, it’s been whisked away
I wish I could stay, tell you all about my day
But that’s all I can to say

If we don’t get the chance to speak
I’m sorry, we never could agree
I wish we had a chance to repeat
Every chance we seemed to contravene
To rebuild the friendship we turned weak
When we decided to fall in love so deep
But I hope we can rest in peace



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