Speak My Mind

You have the right to remain silent
  I have the right to speak my mind

  Read me my rights, anything I say
  Can and will be used to intimidate
  And discriminate against twisted hate

Do you understand? Nod if you agree
We can lower the sentence for a plea?
For a fee, we can get you off completely

All you need to do, is close your eyes
Don’t have your say in the publics light

Anything you say we’ll take to court
Throw you in front of a judge’s applause
Keep the opinions, keep them yours

Keep the truth, we seek ignorance here
Its blissfully clear, if it’s prison you fear

Speak your mind as these handcuffs close
We gave you the chance, reap what you sow

You had the right to remain silent,
you should have obliged, read him his rights
  for speaking my mind



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