One Hell of a Story

Behind every cover lies infinite amount of realms
In the library of life where I learnt about girls
Laid down roots but ventured around the world
Finally understood the tragedy of fairy tales
Rocked the world with a force off the Richter scale
Saw where the end begins and success fails

Poorly bound, faded title, fragile spine worn
A second-hand copy with a few pages torn
But the design isn’t what the author wrote it for
You own it now, so let the book open doors
Let it show you more, it isn’t broke or flawed
It’s the reason stories develop a character for

You are an author, write your story
I need to write mine, no one will write it for me
Who’s going to portray me, heroically?
Paint the perfect portrait of what I thought of me
I am the book with a broken spine, I’m not faulty
I’m flawed, some might consider design important
But inside these covers, there’s one hell of a story

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