F*** You, Pay Me

Fuck you, pay me

I don’t want your inflated fees

I just want to think creatively

Use my voice, to make them see

The truth behind hate fuelled speech


Make her believe she’s beautiful

From her hair to her cuticles

That she can smash these musicals

She can let the music talk

And she doesn’t have to settle for stupid fools


I want him to see the light

That he doesn’t need to love the night

That there’s so much more to his life

Then pointless fights, sharpened knives

That he has the power to make it right


I don’t want to change the world

I just want to change the way you see yourself

Because everybody need a little help

Let me hold your hand as we walk through hell

So fuck you pay me but I don’t care if it sells

Because a small change pays for itself


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