Mr. Tough Guy

Hey there, Mr. Tough Guy

Miss Innocent said you love to fight

She said you’re easy to communicate with

The problem is, you like to talk with your fists


I always thought you were peaceful

You always came across a little feeble

Remember when I asked her to dance

You just shrugged your shoulders and laughed


Oh, did you have a problem with that

But you hit her behind my back

Man you should have mentioned it

I would of back off, if you felt sensitive


Better yet if you were looking for someone to hit

I wouldn’t of even have raised a fist

I could have taken a slap to the face

If you needed a punch bag you only had to say


But if you wanted a match pound for pound

We could have taken a short break and stepped out

We could have taken bets on an evenly matched fight

But I’m too equally matched for Mr. Tough Guy





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