Who It Was? – Poetry

She said promise you won’t forget who I am

When you finally take your words off of Instagram

Remember who it was you first told about your nan

And who it was around when you never had a plan


When they admire you for every sentence you drafted

For every penny, they flick into a fountain, you grafted

You work hard for it, don’t ever let them take it for granted

When you make it to the end, remember why you started


Will you remember the manor you were raised in?

Do you remember every run-down bar you had a rave in?

You might not remember every girl that you played with

But do you remember who’s bed you used to stay in?


It was me who was there when you never had a cigarette

Back before we had more then we could have ever dreamt

Before we felt the need to raise another drink to forget

Before the life, you glamourize, ever materialised with a pen


Don’t forget who read every word that you ever wrote

Who loved you for every line that you never spoke

Who accompanied your lonely heart, wherever you’d go?

I just want to know if you’ll forget the only friend you’ve ever known?


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