We Went To War

This was one of those poems that just occurred. When you look back at mistakes made, you start to see things in a different light and just how senselessly destructive things were for no real reason at all. Enjoy. More poetry at GlennThomasPoetry

I never realised it wasn’t a game

Until she whispered that I had won

The scars run deep from the battles lost

The scenes we destroyed with what we’d done


We both knew this day was on its way

We both knew wed end up broken

Whilst we held our voices in our throats

The pressure we created, ripped an explosion


The burgeoning empire that we destroyed

The battlefield that created this desolation

Back where the grass grew green

Before the eruption tore more than relations


Now that wars past and the cities rebuilt

Look at all we have to show for

Infrastructure and chiselled memories

Of a time when we once went to war


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