She Didn’t Know

Talking about secrets and keeping them from the ones you care about, the truth is always ugly but its better than a lie. Check out the Facebook page for more honest poetry.

When I referred to her as the love of my life

I genuinely believe that was not another lie

Confessions but so far from cleansing a soul

Revelations, in hindsight I bet she wished and hoped

That she didn’t know


She thought she knew me completely

What turned me on but the truth is uneasy

That unopened closet must be so hard to stomach

How do you comfort somebody, who is so dumbstruck,

Because she didn’t know


A little too late, but I promised my honesty

Ask me anything, I’ll answer you properly

It was never my intention to bare facedly deceive

If you doubt anything I hope that’s the part you believe

I’m sorry, you didn’t know


I never should have lied to you at all

I know it was never right to let you fall

I hid my skeletons, abused your trust

Trying to barricade the closet door shut

Just so, you wouldn’t know


I came clean, revealed a part of me

I thought my honesty was kick start our heart beat

I thought we could start fresh with the truth

How was I to know you’d never accept what you knew?

I didn’t know




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