I’m The Clown

“I just can’t understand the supporter, a proper supporter, and I do understand frustration when your team isn’t doing well, but to boo a manager or the team… why?” he said. “Are you a supporter only for good days? Support the team. Get behind the team.”

Roy Keane

Every day I awaken at the break of dawn

The weekend is my only hope as I take a yawn


Every Saturday we meet for a pint at our local

We talk tactics like were pundits and know it all


In between discussion, someone check we got the ticket

We’ve been waiting months, it’ll be a shame to miss it


Plus it was paid for by the missus, birthday wishes

Everybody has that same feeling, we can win this


Kick off approaches, the atmosphere intensifies

A must win, everybody unified by a sense of pride


That crest on our chest, jumps and skips a beat

A Saturday to add to a weeks’ worth of misery


How much does he make a week?

To perform like that on that kind of salary


If I put that much effort in, I’d be unemployed

And then they turn around and complain about tabloids


We are the club and we are one

So when you perform you perform for us


Let us voice our discontent, this ticket, 60 quid

The shirt on my back a similar figure, it’s sickening


I pay your wages and how do you pay me back

You take my minimum wage and you play like that


I’ll boo, I’ll scream, and I’ll put you down

Because when you play that bad, I’m the clown


More poetry at https://www.facebook.com/glennthomaspoetry/


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