This Is East London

This is where I come from and a huge part of my inspiration. I wrote this for a competition which i didn’t win but I made the shortlist, apparently.

This is east London, littered with history

Built up industries, prosperity and misery

Part of a city, charmed with ethnicity

Breath-taking skyscrapers, capture us vividly

The inspiration behind this written piece

But how many citizens are living free?


Hackneys up and coming, now it’s trendy

Home to some of those we consider wealthy

But poverty exists here, for people who live here

All the talk of legacy not much was fixed here

A generation broken, homeless, young and hopeless

No hope is the only hope most of us soak in

We worry about global threats, there’s still local trends

That most of us still neglect to openly address

Schools whip into shape for Ofsted reports

But what goes unseen Ofsted doesn’t report

A lack of rapport leads to attacks on the poor

The forgotten class, a community lost in folklore

This is east London, littered with history

A vision of prosperity but I still see misery


Recently shortlisted for a poetry competition, please like and comment if you like.



15 responses to “This Is East London

  1. I lived in Plaistow for a time, a lot of years ago. Different times, but there was more poverty than prosperity. It’s changed hugely, but as you say, not all for the better.
    Thanks for the follow 🙂

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