Let Me Be

I wrote this when i was feeling the effects of anxiety, one night. It’s a little different to my usual style but it’s one of my favourite poems. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did when writing. https://www.facebook.com/glennthomaspoetry/

Oh, how I wish to be free

To see my demons released

Not unleashed

Just leave, to let me be

Oh, how I’d love to sleep

Close my eyes and rest peacefully

Not completely

Just deeply enough to let me be

Oh, how I want to eat

Everything that’s placed in front of me

Not for greed

Just to comfort me and let me be

Oh, If only I could leave

Step outside and breathe

Not deeply

Just enough to feel the breeze, let me be

Oh, I need to scream

Is this what my destiny be?

Not happy

Looking for a way to let anxiety, let me be


22 responses to “Let Me Be

  1. I feel you. Anxiety is horrible. Sleep, eating, anything, everything seem to fall apart.

    I have school starting this week and I’m terrified.


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  3. I moved right into your anxiety. At times mine overwhelms me, but I’m learning that my pain is generally greater than the problem which does get resolved somehow. Thanks for the follow.


    • i know how difficult anxiety can be, this poem was my way of expressing that feeling, I’m happy that it has been felt by others, thank you


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