All But One

You’re only as good as your last.
That means
Every promise, broken.
Every lie, hidden
Every moment, lost
Every memory, once ripe,
Now rotten.
Every step forward
Is a glance at history
Every lesson, never learnt
Every mistake
Every addiction
Every girl
Every friend
Every girlfriend
All lost to the fog that blinds
The path.
Direction. Lovers.
Gone. All.
but one.

Best Friend Back

She screams I want my best friend back
I screamed back, I want you to have my back
Not bags packed, walking out when things get mad
If that’s the title you want, earn it back

I pass chances around on a silver platter
But you assess each individual matter
Use it to take whatever you want from me
With no thought for what I might want or need

You can’t say you care like you mean it
Watch me cry, then use it to defeat me
Break me down, take advantage of my weakness
Take all my loyalty, and selfishly keep it

When you said you want a friendship
It was easier to believe you never meant it
For all of the times you cried and begged me
Experience told me you weren’t the friend I need

But stupidly, I believed you, foolish of me
Keep fooling me, take it all from me
Take that dagger you have aimed at my back
I won’t let you have your best friend back


It was all an adventure.
  one that never seemed to end
We were the young, adventurous
  never thought we’d see the end
We were kids, a moment ago
  now, the adults you’ve come to know
Although your seeds have grown
  we don't know what direction to go
We still screw up but it’s costlier now
  the question is, what does it cost now?

Being grounded, felt like hell
   now, there’s a real threats of prison cells
I still look at these photographs of then
   we were smaller when we were ten
Our mistakes then, smaller than we were
   but they still labelled as wayward
With age, we found a new perspective
   from a school prospectus to job prospectives
We should have paid attention in lectures
   but we were caught up youthful adventures

Picture In My Wallet

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it
I found comfort in a lost prophet
As I tried to capture an image of it

It had your crystal-like eyes
And a smile that made December shine
A snapshot of a moment in time
Those beautiful eyes, that opened mine

The portrait of an idea conceived
There’s more to life than an angry teen
I never did believe in make believe
But your picture made me see

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it


The Houses In Between

We could be living together
the girl next door, could have been mine
if we weren’t living apart
if miles never kept us stretched so wide
but if true love conquers all
how did we lose the fight?

The distance in between
stretched you from my heart
we dreamed a dream of schemes
but the love in the letters, wouldn’t last
if it wasn’t for the houses in between
could we have built that house of ours?


Land of The Giants

Wildebeest roam free in peace
As cheetahs feel dust beneath their feet
Buffalo stampede, leopards sleep in trees
Lions seek the breeze more than they eat

Zebras dance together with giraffes
Roads carved out as elephants advance
The silence of crickets whistling in grass
It’s music to your ears until hyenas laugh

The meerkat and mongoose scatter
As a growing herd of impala gather
Vultures circle as a vertebrae shatters
Out here, survival is all that matters

Peace and tranquillity, beautiful silence
Death and destitute, ruled by violence
Watch the victorious lion feed in defiance
All to survive in the land of the giants



I walked her to the bus she called me a mug
All I did was drop 50 pence in his cup
Maybe he was just a drunk who'd spend it all on drugs
But who am I to judge?

I just spent 10 quid on this pack of cigarettes
It's been two months since I last claimed I quit
I've spent the last few hours getting recklessly pissed
And a hundred wasting life, yet, that’s all I can give

His boots were scuffed, his jacket cut
His scars were evident but his mind was shut
The world wandered by, his life was up
Destiny spoke to him, his time wouldn’t come

Imagine what we’d be without our helpers
If we didn’t get the handouts that helped us
Another human drifts nu searching for shelter
Today he was looking for someone to remember
He was alive

I dropped 50 pence in his cup, she called me a mug
A reminder to him that he was nothing to love
Practically scum, whilst we idolise a famous bunch
We neglect those that are fading in front of us

And you called me the mug.