I’ve learned, liars rarely tell the truth
The only truth, is the truth is usually loose
Cheaters, never play fair and break rules
Heartbreakers, break hearts and make us fools

I’ve learned love is a beautiful concept
A hateful reality and a vengeful consequence
Infidelity is a state of a lover’s discontent
And love is rape with consent

I’ve learned, the first leads to second chances
We never grow, we just attend better parties
All my best friends for life, soon departed
And there isn’t much between fortune and hardship

I’ve learned, second place is never the best
But setting the standard to high, alienates the rest
Intelligence can’t be defined by a test
Despite what it says, religion is not your friend

I’ve learned, loyalty is never returned
Treat her like royalty, watch your empire burn
Money talks, sex sells, the language of earth
Now my ex is selling talking money, just to be heard

Painted Smile

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I don’t need company for my misery
Sometimes, I want to be left alone
And travel the world within headphones

I tried to break through these four walls
As echoes vibrate the floor boards
As I taste the sweetness of freedom
As words form on the page you read from

I don’t paint pictures for all to see
Instead, I hang drawings on the wall for me
Manic ramblings of a sane lunatic
As confusion reigns over a playlist

The peace breaks my silence
As the air, around me fills with sirens
Drunk of a cocktail of sex and violence
As we slave under a threat from tyrants

I don’t paint a smile for all to see
I paint pictures of a wretched reality
As I laugh along with the humourless
And wrestle with the morals of fugitives


Just Like Me

How could you lie to me
and sit there silently
after striking your hands
against your love so violently
and just lie here with me

hate drives you crazy in bed
turnover and hate me again
when did I fall for a slut
why does every time I cum
it feels like I’m giving up

what did we do to get here
can we love without fear
who do we compete with
there just the reasons we need
to feel completed

how did we last this long
how did the weak foundations
manage to stand here strong
how did something this wrong
go on for so long

we should let it be
each week, we’re begging to leave
cut our nose off to spite our face
that’s how we forget to breathe
you’re just like me

tit for tat with tricky tactics
who’s got your back when
ratchets are out to attack it
when i gave into a mad bitch
that’s as bad as me



I had an addiction to tobacco smoke
Breathed in the fire that made me choke
As I robbed myself of the youthful glow
Before I had a chance to let it grow old

I drowned in a bottle of ‘water of life’
Educated by alcoholics who taught us right
Stumbling home, wandering alone at night
Trying not to let demons inside take flight

I lost myself in copious pornography
Drowned in the art of elicit photography
Made myself believe, women were my property
And they never wanted me to treat them properly

But you made me want to pick up another vice
Because theirs fun and then there’s everything nice
There’s sugar and spice, but it’s nothing on bitter and spite
Don’t make me apologise for those things you despise


A Poet Is Born

I love writing, the freedom it encompasses
an outlet for anger, the emotions it manages
the depression it overcomes, the smile it provides
the priceless gift, as the anguish subsides

I hate writing, the stress it emphasises
the anger raging on, the emotion I fight with
the depression sets, smiles become rare
the endless curse, and the joy hidden there

A full mind hidden in an empty page
a pen driven to extinction by an endless gaze
finding sentences to match, lost in search
lost time filled with fulfilment, found in words

Words come together, a sentence forms
a sentence turns into a statement formed
as love nurtures, a statements growth
and a poet is born as the poetry evolves

Kangaroo Court

Brush the dust of my shirt and tie
Swear an oath to a perverted lie
Raise me up, put me down
Arraign me, for the loss you found
Recite your evidence to the crown
As the jester laughs with clowns
Entertain the crowd, public execution
As cheers filter through the pollution
We the kangaroos, find him guilty
An innocent man, synthetic committee
I did what you were to brave to do
Hang me for I am nothing like you


You’ve seen me smile
brought me these drinks
we confessed our dreams
for all these fancy things
is that why you call me a friend?

you’ve tasted the tears
I’ve let fall from my eyes
but haven’t felt any of the pain
I’ve felt inside and yet,
you still call me a friend

you say you’re beautiful
just the way you are
but will you love the ugly heart
hidden underneath this mask
when all I need is a friend.