All In

Stack of chips
Cigarette lit.
Double and split.
That’s not supposed to happen.
Never again.
Double it.
All in.
All out.


Every promise, broken
every lie, hidden
every moment, lost
every memory, once ripe
now rotten
every step forward
looks back in anger
every lesson, never learnt
every mistake
every addiction, revisited 
every girl
every friend
every girlfriend
all lost to the fog that blinds
the path.
Direction. Lovers. Gone.
But one.


I Don’t Want To Fight, Anymore

I don’t want to fight anymore
I’m trying to put my pieces back, not bury yours
Hoping the scar heals, where your knife was
Nobody tells you love means having to fight wars

Still you dig into my spine
I understand how you felt in the middle of the night
If it was a case of lust or love, but a hateful fuck
As the trust turns to dust, and love begins to rust

Honestly, I lied when I wished you luck
Exaggerated, when I said I never missed you much
You can tell everyone how I hit you once
I’m keeping quiet over every little thing you done

I don’t want to fight anymore
Let me heal the wounds and I’ll remember yours
They say love hurts and when it breaks its worse
So, I’ll lay down my weapons, if you lay yours down first

Just Be You

take the pen, make a statement
aim it at the friends who kept you waiting

write about some bitch that hates you
blame her for what she made you do

tell the world your ego’s deflated
self-doubt will only damage your greatness

just don’t tell them a lie cause the truth is
something they ignore with bitter excuses

show them what your spectacles capture
let glitter sparkle, the show's spectacular

they’ll love your lies and hate the truth
so, the only thing you can do, is just be you.

Write It Right

She said, write me a story
Paint me a picture of pretty poor me
Bring words alive to describe my demise,
As a slip in and out of the disguises I hide

She said, don’t hold back go hard on me
Describe all the dirty parts of the mask you see
Show them the ugly truth that exists at these parties
The beautiful lies we painfully believe

Raise the questions that don’t get an answer back
Because were too busy answering back
Raise the voices we’re armed with to attack
But we won’t shout for the answers we lack

We just get high off the night, sleeping with strangers
Drowning our morals, concealing our angers
In midst of the angst, our war wages on
The storm calmed by the clouds it rages from

She said, tell them I’m a fighter, I called her a liar
What are you fighting for? Her silence denied her
I’ve never seen you break the cycle, fight the fires
Just keep ranting to the choir, screaming you’re tired

It’s your life and they left you no chance to succeed
How it has been, that’s how it must be
Just quit now, prove the doubters were right
Is that how you want me to write about your life?

You are the reason I write, but you need to end it right
Let me write for the hero inside you that fights
Stands up for the rights, changes dark to light
You want to me write your story, let me write it right


War and Possibility

We can build more nuclear warheads
But foul language is banned before watershed
Water cannon called for use on rampaging citizens
But the politicians are forgiven for illicit misgivings
War crimes ignored, whilst we imprison the poor
Democracy, we support, but capitalism has tilted it towards
Corporations, whilst education costs an arm and a leg
Good luck, trying to get it fixed on the NHS
Because we can fund wars to terrorise millions
But we can’t heal the sick, rotting in squalid conditions
Bonuses for bankers, whist we lay off the desperate
And wonder why so many turn to crime amidst this cesspit
I’m screaming out for peace, but my dreams written off
Ripping at the seams, trying to see scenes different from
The headlines we read, all I see is death and hate
Tell me what you need to make this a better place
Someone told me, war is inevitable, peace isn’t profitable
What do you need us to do, to make it possible?


I had an addiction to tobacco smoke
Breathed in the fire that made me choke
As I robbed myself of the youthful glow
Before I had a chance to let it grow old

I drowned in a bottle of ‘water of life’
Educated by alcoholics who taught us right
Stumbling home, wandering alone at night
Trying not to let demons inside take flight

I lost myself in copious pornography
Drowned in the art of elicit photography
Made myself believe, women were my property
And they never wanted me to treat them properly

But you made me want to pick up another vice
Because theirs fun and then theirs everything nice
There’s sugar and spice, but it’s nothing on bitter and spite
Don’t make me apologise for those things you despise