It’s the art of attraction
Seduction, hiding our faults
Behind heavily self-built walls.

It’s the first of many kisses
Memories found in words of joy
And two become one at the groin

It’s the first small argument
Over upturned toilet seats
Household chores and bed sheets

It’s a duel to the death
Between two rival factions
Firing blanks in the form of inaction

It’s the last straw, slammed doors
bitter and spite, whisky and ice
and the winner’s the one holding the knife

It’s the art of attraction,
Seduction, hiding our faults
Behind heavily self-built walls.




Spending days boasting about
    your success.

How lucky am I?
   to have a friend like you,
   perfectly broken with
   the strength to reshape the globe.

As I dream in the shadows
   of a life we used to lead
   unable to raise a finger
   and be the man you tell
   all your friends about.

Anything Goes

Anything goes in this place
Where dreams are made of poison
And the antidotes conformity

A prisoner’s mind is short
And full of ambitious rejection
hopes of savouring the air outside

It’s a bench made of familiar faces
Judging us on our criminality
As sentences replace our innocence

Mothers weep at the verdict
As the gallows roar with pride
As the price we pay is announced
By men who never knew our lives
The secrets we’ve danced with
Or the names we hid behind our lips
Anything goes, in a place like this.

The Addicts Song

Told my mum I’d stop fighting 
But the last fight couldn’t be the last
It was easy to blame the environment 
That turned her angel to a sinner 
We weren’t all born to be win.

Told the love of my life I’d quit 
But the last hit took her last breath
It was easy to blame it on the stress 
Of death, the irony of somebody dying 
Not all of us are lucky enough to die

Told my best mate I’m a changed man 
His eyes swelled with pride at last 
We were going to conquer the world
Roaming nomads, as our past left us
We all learnt how to perfect our lies

Hello, My Brother

Look at where we are,
How on earth did we make it this far?
Two graduates, one with a masters
Here’s to the grey goose and laughter
Raise a glass to the past and partners
To scratch cards, budgeting on hardships
The bitter tears, the sweetest memories
To lost best friends and new beginnings
Here’s to the late walks home and early rises
Forgetting good habits in the midst of vices
Pre-drinking to a repeated YouTube playlist
To stalking next ex-girlfriends Facebook pages
Here’s to living it up, not giving a shit
To buckling down and giving a shit
Here’s to ping pong balls and snooker tables
Bench pressing more than we were able
I propose a toast to our success and failures
Offended bartenders and late night caterers
Carving out friendships, different from others
It’s Goodbye stranger, and hello, my brother

Have Nots

They dance in darkness, poke fun at the workers,
Who polish their floors and shine their shoes,
For whom without there would be no circus
Just doom and gloom in the invisible ink
Sung to the melody of the unelected elite
Champagne flutes chime as laughter cries
As the God of the people reveals no after life
Chasing the shadows that loiter over heads
To catch the ghosts within a slow and painful death
Work to death to live, the irony
Eat like kings in the slums we’re set to expire in
Idolise thieves, we want what you’ve got
Demonise kings for what they have, we have not

Floating By

This isn’t me,
This is not what I would choose to do.

I won’t succumb,
Given a choice, I know what I’d choose.

Motivation varies,
But the outcome has never scared me.

I don’t live to earn
Rather, I earn the right through work.

I pretend
Wake up under this mythological pretence
This means the end
But we all dream of an end to this mess

It’s a sad reality
But the truth is, I might never leave.
Scraping a living, pretending to live.
Chasing the money
Pretending, that’s not what motivates this.
I’m living the life
Like most of us, just floating by
I’m living the lie
Like most of us, just floating by

We lie
and let life just float on by