Picture In My Wallet

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it
I found comfort in a lost prophet
As I tried to capture an image of it

It had your crystal-like eyes
And a smile that made December shine
A snapshot of a moment in time
Those beautiful eyes, that opened mine

The portrait of an idea conceived
There’s more to life than an angry teen
I never did believe in make believe
But your picture made me see

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it



The Houses In Between

We could be living together
the girl next door, could have been mine
if we weren’t living apart
if miles never kept us stretched so wide
but if true love conquers all
how did we lose the fight?

The distance in between
stretched you from my heart
we dreamed a dream of schemes
but the love in the letters, wouldn’t last
if it wasn’t for the houses in between
could we have built that house of ours?


Land of The Giants

Wildebeest roam free in peace
As cheetahs feel dust beneath their feet
Buffalo stampede, leopards sleep in trees
Lions seek the breeze more than they eat

Zebras dance together with giraffes
Roads carved out as elephants advance
The silence of crickets whistling in grass
It’s music to your ears until hyenas laugh

The meerkat and mongoose scatter
As a growing herd of impala gather
Vultures circle as a vertebrae shatters
Out here, survival is all that matters

Peace and tranquillity, beautiful silence
Death and destitute, ruled by violence
Watch the victorious lion feed in defiance
All to survive in the land of the giants



I walked her to the bus she called me a mug
All I did was drop 50 pence in his cup
Maybe he was just a drunk who'd spend it all on drugs
But who am I to judge?

I just spent 10 quid on this pack of cigarettes
It's been two months since I last claimed I quit
I've spent the last few hours getting recklessly pissed
And a hundred wasting life, yet, that’s all I can give

His boots were scuffed, his jacket cut
His scars were evident but his mind was shut
The world wandered by, his life was up
Destiny spoke to him, his time wouldn’t come

Imagine what we’d be without our helpers
If we didn’t get the handouts that helped us
Another human drifts nu searching for shelter
Today he was looking for someone to remember
He was alive

I dropped 50 pence in his cup, she called me a mug
A reminder to him that he was nothing to love
Practically scum, whilst we idolise a famous bunch
We neglect those that are fading in front of us

And you called me the mug.

Behind Enemy Lines

I said I’ll fight for my foot soldiers
but circumstances got a foothold
I showed her the loyalty of a mercenary
as thanks for the way she served me
That wasn’t the intention of mine
but that’s how a friendship’s defined
You’ve got to know when to sever the spine
all’s fair, when it’s not the fairest of lives

I promised to defend your name in these fights
but to win, you’ve got to switch sides
We crossed the border, drew battle lines
now retract my knife from your spine
Forgiveness for whatever you didn’t do
Forgive me for what I was meant to
But don’t forget why I crossed enemy lines
I’ll walk into a war for any friend of mine

She Didn’t Know

When I referred to her as the love of my life
I genuinely believe it was not another lie
Confessions but so far from cleansing a soul
Revelations, in hindsight I bet she wished and hoped
She didn’t know

She thought she knew me completely
What turned me on but the truth is uneasy
That unopened closet must be so hard to stomach
Now I’m trying to find a way to bring her comfort
Because, she didn’t know

A little too late, but I promised my honesty
Ask me anything, I’ll answer you properly
It was never my intention to bare facedly deceive
If you doubt anything I hope that’s the part you believe
I’m sorry, you didn’t know

I never should have lied to you at all
I know it was never right to let you fal
I hid my skeletons and abused your trust 
Trying to barricade that closet door shut
So, you wouldn’t know

I came clean and revealed a part of me
Thinking honesty would kick start our heart beat
I thought we could start fresh with the truth
How was I to know you’d never accept what you knew?
I didn’t know


Dead Trees (Deadvlei)

Mountains blockade the sun
Red illuminates the ground with dust
Humans crawl for majestic peace
Enthralled by the sight of the death of trees

Untouched by love, a celibate land
Innocence kept from the hands of a desperate man
We trample over such beautiful things
Trying to reach closer to the beauty within

People gather round, lips are moving
As the sun beats down, a breeze soothes it
Not a murmur heard over eloquent peace
A metaphor for death if you ever do need

Silence fills the air, wind speaks in sombre tones
The backdrop tells stories we long to know
The media tells us that we’ve heard it all
You’ve heard nothing until you’ve heard nothing at all

Cameras flash, trying to capture the scene
As dead wood stands as A-list celebrities
A little oasis, once nothing more than a lake
Admire the beauty of deaths true greatness

Stood there in the symmetry of a cemetery
This image is as perfect as any picture can be
But if there was ever a lesson to be learnt
It’s even dead trees can shine in a desert