He Said, She Said

He said, “I don’t see a future with you.”
She said, “Yeah, you do.”
He said “this time we're through”
But she flat out refused

He said, “Come over tonight.”
She said, “Fine “
He said, “is it cool if we can be friends
And be casual when it comes to sex.”

She never read between the lines
Of intercourse and a patriarch’s mind
So, she said everything was fine
And carried on as his bit on the side

He said anything he had to
All she heard was “I want to get back with you.”
When “let’s be friends that have sex.”  
Was all he actually said

She never heard a word he said
And he never understood what she meant
Because he said, then, she said
And neither of them said, any of it at all.


If you want to leave, I’ll help you pack
I won’t fight for us if you feel like that
If you’re not up for sticking it out
If you want to bury us, why not kill it now?
I could hit the floor with my knees
Promise you everything with false apologies
But honestly, in a few weeks, nothing would change
We are who we are, so if you want to complain
That’s fine

I’ll miss you every time my heart beats
You’ve become a part of me
My other half, so walk with who I am
If you don’t like me, why did you choose this man?
But I won’t cry, I’ve been here before
If you don’t leave now, I’ll end up torn
I can’t fall again, thinking we’ll work it out
Only for you to desert me now

Gives You Away

To my ex-lover,
there will never be another
who will see you hurt
For better or worse.

I loved you
With all the hate, I had
And it shone brightest
When I had you on your back

You were beautiful
The sight of the sun at noon
But I could only see it
When I was inside you

Loved you on your knees
So much so, I walked away
As the midday light fades
And left you pining for me

I demanded the truth 
Then hid behind the lies
That pushed you into his arms
And thrust you from mine

Now all I can do is replay 
Your loss of innocence
On all those videos, we made 
As your father gives you away

F*** You, Pay Me

Fuck you, pay me
Not with your inflated fees
I want to think creatively
Use my voice, to make them see
The truth in hate fuelled speech

Make her see she’s beautiful
From her hair to her cuticles
She can smash these musicals
She can let the music talk
Without love from stupid fools

I want to show him the light
He doesn’t need to love the night
That there’s more to his life
Then pointless fights, sharpened knives
He has the power to make things right

I can’t change the world
Or the way you see yourself
At times, we all need a little help
So, fuck you, I don’t care if it sells
A small change pays for itself

Girls Night Out

She called it a girl’s night out
And let her golden hair fall down
Black satin dress clinging to her hips
Come and get me boys drawn on her lips

Minimum wage and an uber receipt
Armani handbag, paid for with deceit
Three best friends and dancing moves
With hips that never learnt to sing in tune

He called up the lads, it’s on tonight 
Jet black hair, combed to the side
The black kind with white pin stripes
Left his lack of luck at home with his tie

Overpriced, but he could afford style
She was getting wet at him getting wild
From the fourth round on, the drinks on him
Orange juice, grey goose, and the champagne’s pink

She was lost living up to her celebrity 
Feeling glamorous in her dressed down celibacy
Losing control to music and ecstasy
As she floated in and out of broken memories

She was slurring her damaged speech
And never heard her best friends speak
Warning calls but Romeo ceased to exist
From the moment Juliet got pissed.

First Time

I remember the first time
I saw the fire inside you ignite
You’re smile came to life
The moment, I made you cry

There were many seconds
But the first taste of heaven
Was the first of many lessons
Fairy tales come alive if you let them

We were lost, singing poetry
Never succumb to our broken dreams
We were born to succeed
When you were first introduced to me

We were the talk of the town
Holding our fears, walking around
Love makes the sweetest sounds
On those silent nights, peace rung loud

And the first time you left our home
You left a hundred texts on my phone
That was the way you’d let me know
We were in love, and you wouldn’t let go

And there was the first fight
It grew faster than we’d like
The nights filled with violent sighs
But we only get one, last time.


Family, it’s a funny old word
ain’t it, its love masqueraded as hatred
mass falling outs at get-togethers
inflicting conflict, infecting us forever
love, in any other context, it isn’t 
yet, they’ll always tell us it is!