Last Night

I tried to sell my soul last night,
But the devil, he didn’t want it
He said, it’s too black and tarnished 
But the light inside you I can’t abolish

I reached out to God, last night
I told him I can’t find my way home
He told me, you can’t follow my lead
There’s a darkness, you must let grow

I spoke to my dead nan, last night
And asked for the beauty in the truth
She said, you won’t find answers here 
Because the truth is buried inside you 

Picture in my Wallet

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it
I found comfort in a lost prophet
As I tried to capture an image of it

It had your crystal-like eyes
And a smile that made December shine
A snapshot of a moment in time
Those beautiful eyes, that opened mine

The portrait of an idea conceived
There’s more to life than an angry teen
I never did believe in make believe
But your picture made me see

I had a picture in my wallet
But I got drunk one night and lost it

Play Me That Song

Play me that song
You know the one we first danced too
Before you let him dance with you
When you used to flick of your dancing shoes
And refused to dance in tune
When I first danced with you

Hum those words
You know the ones you first sang to me
Before you let him get ahead of me
When you used to whisper in melodies
And refused to accept you’d reject me
With those words, you first sang to me

Let me hear that melody
You know the one that you first whistled along
Before the man came who killed us off
When you said what we had was strong
And you’d always keep the music on
Will you play me that song?


One Little Drink

I chased your reflection in this glass 
Found you in a rundown bar after dark
So, I raised a glass to the future,
All, in an attempt, to drown out the past
Another promise, I knew couldn’t last
Convince myself I’m not drinking you away
If my wish came true, you would stay
Would I be falling apart, waking up dazed?
Wasting my days, trying to take you away

Don’t look past all the weight I gained
And don’t ignore all those things I’d say
The tequila fades into the thinking faze
Depression sinks in, relive all the drinks,
You paid with time spent, a wasted day
Wasting a week, to drink and escape
Raise a glass, to making it past the pain
Lies, as you tell yourself you love the taste
It’s bitter hate in the sweetness you’ve claimed

Live the champagne lifestyle, this is your stage
Your hearts aches, the script turns pages
You made it this far, it’s too late to change
Who said, ‘one little drink never hurt anyone’
Waiting on answers, you know will never come
I can see clearly through these forgotten years
I don’t need you and I don’t want this beer


One Hell of a Story

Behind every cover lies infinite amount of realms
In the library of life where I learnt about girls
Laid down roots but ventured around the world
Finally understood the tragedy of fairy tales
Rocked the world with a force off the Richter scale
Saw where the end begins and success fails

Poorly bound, faded title, fragile spine worn
A second-hand copy with a few pages torn
But the design isn’t what the author wrote it for
You own it now, so let the book open doors
Let it show you more, it isn’t broke or flawed
It’s the reason stories develop a character for

You are an author, write your story
I need to write mine, no one will write it for me
Who’s going to portray me, heroically?
Paint the perfect portrait of what I thought of me
I am the book with a broken spine, I’m not faulty
I’m flawed, some might consider design important
But inside these covers, there’s one hell of a story

Just Like Me

How could you lie to me
and sit there silently
after striking your hands
against your love so violently
and just lie here with me

hate drives you crazy in bed
turnover and hate me again
when did I fall for a slut
why does every time I cum
feel like I’m giving up

what did we do to get here
can we love without fear
who do we compete with
there’s a reason we need
to feel complete

how did we last this long
how did the weak foundations
manage to stand here strong
how did something this wrong
go on for so long

we should let it be
each week, we beg to leave
cut our nose off to spite our face
that’s how we forget to breathe
you’re just like me

tit for tat, tricky tactics
who’s got your back when
ratchets are out to attack it
when you give into a mad bitch
that’s as bad as me

she’s just like me


I’m The Man

It’s hard to admit, I lost the fight
trying to knock out the dints in my dented pride
Chasing women, misbehaving and sinning
nobody ever taught me how to discuss my feelings
So, I grunt out loud and expect you to understand
and bow at the feet of what you call a man
Whilst I sip this beer, I’ve never shed a tear
not being the man, is the only thing I fear
Grown men don’t cry, hold your shoulders high
you can’t be a gentle man, playing the tough guy
So, I push out my chest, overdo the reps
hang a few too many weights on the bar I press
Then ignore my legs, all I need is upper body strength
perform eight more reps then grunt out loud again
Then hit the bar, drink until I fall and hit the bar
then take out my aggression on all those that laugh
Then grab her arse, who said I needed to ask?
I’m the man, she should be grateful she got the chance
Because I’m the man, right?